Branded with your logo, Enclosure is a plug-and-play, hosted solution focused specifically for lead generation for local media (newspapers, broadcast and magazines) and mortgage banks and institutions. Enclosure is a Visionary Foundry company.


Enclosure’s real estate implementations are fully responsive, making them ideal for today’s multi-device user.

With a typical 1-2 week implementation, we make implementation painless and easy. We offer a number of data options, and your choice of business models, so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Looking for a modern, fast, local real estate implementation that is different? There’s a lot of “me-too-ism” out there, and Enclosure gives your teams a better tool with clear advantages over the competition for your customers and your audience.


The Enclosure platform offers your audience a better user experience with features such as polygon-based school district search in addition to user drawn polygons, an open house itinerary builder complete with ordering and routing directions, closely matched listings, personalization elements and advanced reporting capabilities.

For our media customers, we provide a choice of business models:  direct upsell opportunities, lead generation delivery or territory-based sales. Each model has proven ways of generating advertising and sponsorship revenue.


For our financial mortgage customers, our solution delivers high lead conversions on your existing website audience, territory based assignments for your realtor partners, and visibility into the leads produced to ensure accountability.


The solution collects zero PII information, is hosted by us, and branded as yours!



Once we’ve agreed to work with a client, our process has three phases:


Before starting work, we spend time with each client to get a sense for their specific needs. Is mobile part of their strategy? Where do they want to maximize revenue? What’s worked for them so far, and what hasn’t? By understanding the client and their needs, we can customize a process to help them achieve what they’re hoping to.



While all Enclosure sites have cutting edge functionality, features and functions are site configurable, thus enabling different behaviors on the same platform.  Color schemes and drop downs can be arranged to suit each client’s needs. We work with each client to ensure that the look and feel they want is the one they get.


We integrate your data with the Enclosure platform quickly, and can usually get your new site up and running in as little as a week or two. We’re actively innovating and welcome customer feedback as some of our best innovations are from our most progressive clients.



Contact us today to put Enclosure to work in your market!




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