About Enclosure.io

We are singularly focused on lead generation, lead conversion and delivering a more highly engaging user experience. 

With 8+ years of real estate technology tenure, we are the partner of choice for many local real estate portals.  Our core strengths include data and a passion for real estate, and as data mavens, we leverage our data partnerships, and support every listings feed format. 

Branded with your logo, our solution is hosted, easy to use and easy to implement, with no PII (Personally Identifiable Information) implications or risks.

We are a Visionary Foundry company.


Lead Generation

With a lead conversion rate averaging 1-8%, we often work with trusted brands who want a branded, turnkey platform that delivers features such as recommendations, personalization, an open house itinerary builder, content support and generation, customizable widgets with a widget builder, advanced reporting, and community grouping for rentals and new home communities.

High User Engagement

We deliver a number of unique features for the end user, thus enticing users to use our platform more often.  Our average user engagement is 12-20+ pages per visit across desktop and mobile devices, and is one of our competitive keys to subsequent lead conversion.  

Leverage your existing website traffic and offer your audience a better home search branded as yours, thus enabling you to convert that audience into leads and monetization opportunities.  

Our platform also enables you to create content from listings data.  Have a lake or golfing specialist you work with? We can help you create a real estate listings story around a favorite lake or golf course.


With our advanced reporting system, track where your leads are going, and gain line-of-sight visibility.  Our configurable platform also enables flexibility and control over how leads are distributed (via territory assignments and/or direct realtor commitments) and when.

Mobile and Responsive

Enclosure's real estate implementations are fully responsive, making them ideal for today's multi-device user.  We also have mobile apps for Apple and Android devices.

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